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Liven Up Your Garden Party With Techmar Decorative Lights

Liven Up Your Garden Party With Techmar Decorative Lights

Add Some Colour To Your Garden At Night

decorative 12v outdoor lights

Transform your garden party with some colourful decorative lights from Techmar.

Supplied with an RGB led and remote control you can easily change the ambiance through various colours and alter the ambiance.

Decorative Lights

Bring Out The Features

Round 50 12v outdoor lights

The Round 50 featured here is a fantastic way to provide a soft diffused light around your garden borders or patio area.

At 50 cm in diameter the Round 50 will make a bold statement and strong focal point in your garden.

Round 50

LED String Lights

Linea LED 12v outdoor string lights

LED string lights are a great way to provide a gentle warm light around patio areas or in tree canopies.

Perfect around outdoor dining areas where a softer spread of light is ideal.

Light sets can be strung together for a full on canopy effect of light. Start with the Master Set and extend up to 5 further extension sets.

Linea String Lights

Techmar plug and play garden lights icons

Techmar's range of Garden Lights are very easy, quick and safe to install. All you need to do is just simply plug & play.

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