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Low Voltage Garden Lights,  Techmar FOCUS 12v LED Low Voltage Garden Spotlight - 'All Inclusive Starter Set' - 4 spotlights (optional remote) - Starter Sets - TECHMAR original product - 1

Techmar FOCUS 12v LED Low Voltage Garden Spotlight - 'All Inclusive Starter Set' - 4 spotlights

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The 'All Inclusive Starter Set', complete with remote control and receiver, is ideal for a garden lighting plan or for any other outdoor area. 

This set has all you need to create a great atmosphere or effect in your garden and gets you started quickly and without worry.  The set also provides the base for adding additional lights and cables later.  

The Techmar spotlights are not cheap solar-driven units or 12v sets found elsewhere on the internet and are made from high grade aluminium.

All items contained in the set are preferred by landscaping and design professionals and the set has a 3 year guarantee . You can get cheaper products but will they last!

Just connect the spotlights to the cables using the Plug & Play connectors then plug in the transformer to the 230v supply point and you'll be up and running!

For a detailed description of the Focus please see below.

The set contains:

low voltage garden lighting - focus spotlight thumbFour high quality Focus spotlight fittings 
(including ground mounts and ground spikes)
low voltage garden lighting - LED thumbFour 12v LED 3 watt light bulbs - total 12 watts consumption
low voltage garden lighting - 15m cable thumb15m cable with six Plug & Play connections allowing further spotlights to be added at a later stage.
low voltage garden lighting - 12v transformer thumbA  60 watt transformer complete with UK 3-pin plug.
    • This allows you to add up to 15 more 3 watt spotlights with additional cabling and/or cable dividers at a later date without upgrading the transformer.
low voltage garden lighting - remote & receiver thumbA remote control & receiver (operating up to 40m line of sight)
    low voltage garden lighting - free delivery thumbThe 'All Inclusive' price also includes free postage and packing! 


    Focus Spotlight - High Quality Low Voltage Garden Lighting

    The Focus is a high-quality discrete looking spotlight.  

    Its matte black colouring coated onto a heavy aluminium body allows it to blend easily into all environments such as your garden borders, trees or fence line. 

    This spotlight gives all the benefits of low energy usage whilst providing a great light source for up-lighting native or ornamental trees, shrubs and other garden features.  

    With the solid ground spike it's easy to pull out of the ground and reset to a new position due to the 2 metre pre-fitted cable. So you have total flexibility to alter the positioning through all seasons as plants grow and spread or get cut-back and/or replaced.

    The finish also allows it to to be fitted discreetly as a wall or fence mounted light.  With the fitting included you can highlight walls, fence lines and other architectural features of buildings; showing off brickwork, chimneys, gable ends etc.

    This fitting works well in both modern contemporary properties and older properties where the need to match with cast iron guttering, iron gates or metal fence lines is important. 

    To harmonise the lighting look at the post lights from the Arco range (two heights available) and the Deimos wall lights.  Both are complimentary in style, material and colour.

    (NB The Focus is the sister product to the brighter Corvus spotlight.  The Focus emits 190 lumens whilst the Corvus emits 320 lumens.) 


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