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Techmar Outdoor Garden Lighting Range

Low Voltage Garden Lights

Low Voltage Garden Lighting from Techmar. Simple, Safe and Easy.,
Anyone Can Fit It. No Electrician Needed. Just Plug & Play!

In 2015 we added a new division offering professional outdoor lighting advice, design, installation and maintenance services.
We strive to give all our customers a seamless shopping and lighting experience. Our commitment to provide high quality low voltage lighting services in the UK continues. Service quality, customer satisfaction and our business reputation are key factors in our business growth.
Challenges around Brexit and market pricing has influenced our decision to stop selling Techmar products.

We're on hand to help customers and clients with Techmar related questions and answers.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans for low voltage outdoor lighting and 12v garden lights. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Low Voltage Garden Lights Range offers a fabulous selection of high quality outdoor garden lights. Lights can be easily and safely installed by everybody and without an electrician.

12v Garden Lights are perfect for patio lights, decking lights, driveway lights and much more offering a complete low voltage outdoor lighting solution.