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In-lite SMART Outdoor Lighting

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SMART LIGHTING by the Outdoor Lighting Professionals in-lite

The in-lite outdoor lighting range offers a fabulous selection of high quality outdoor garden lights. They can be easily and safely installed by everybody and without an electrician.

All light fittings in the in-lite 12v garden lighting range are supplied with energy efficient LEDs. That means low energy consumption and a long lifespan.



You're in control with the in-lite app and in-lite smart products. Set routines, control your lights and more. Everything you need for the ultimate lighting experience is right at your fingertips. All you need is a SMART HUB-150, a Bluetooth connection, and the in-lite app.


In-lite's most innovative transformer SMART HUB-150. Individually control 3 lighting zones, automatically turn your lights on/off using the built-in astronomical clock or wireless motion detector, and more.

in-lite SMART outdoor lighting controlled on the in-lite app for Smartphones. App user selecting colour for their in-lite TONE Fixtures.


With the latest in-lite technology you can easily control your outdoor lighting with the in-lite app on your smartphone or tablet via a low-energy Bluetooth connection.



Create your own atmosphere in the garden with the SMART SCOPE TONE. Set ANY COLOUR in addition to warm white light and personalise your outdoor space! The SMART SCOPE TONE LED Spotlight has a range of up to 5 metres, making it suitable for illuminating high walls and large objects and features in your outdoor space.

  • Individual dimming colour setting with the in-lite app

  • Automatic detection and sync with SMART HUB 150

  • A-Brand CREE LED

  • A-Brand LEDiL lens technology


The SMART EVO FLEX TONE offers perfect linear-lighting with no visible lighting points. The seamless line of light can be dimmed and set to any colour with the SMART EVO FLEX TONE.
  • Perfectly even line of light; seamless, no visible light points

  • Can be placed straight and curved

  • EVO FLEX accessories provide perfect placement

  • Dimmable and set to any colour


The SMART BRIDGE is an in-lite smart system accessory that creates a bridge to the internet in order to operate and adjust outdoor lighting from anywhere in the world. The SMART BRIDGE features Smart Home systems integration with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Kit. This feature enables you to switch lighting on and off with voice commands.

  • Easily switch on and switch off your lighting from anywhere in the world with a press of a button via the app or a voice message
  • Voice Control

  • Fully automatic and update the SMART HUB firmware through a fixed internet connection


With the wireless motion detector SMART MOVE, your outdoor lighting switches on automatically, when you walk past or drive past. The SMART MOVE in-lite accessory gives you light when you need it most. You will never have to fumble around in darkness again!

  • Wireless motion detection for SMART HUB-150

  • Adjustable using the in-lite app

  • Connect to one or more SMART HUB-150

Looking for garden inspiration and outdoor lighting ideas?

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It's easy to create your garden lighting design by following our three easy steps.

Step 1. Choose Your Light Fittings

Choose Your Garden Lights

Browse the in-lite range and select your choice of light fittings to illuminate your garden.

We have a great selection of high quality fittings so you're sure to find the lights that will compliment your garden lighting design.

Total up the wattage of all the light fittings as this will determine which transformer you will require.

Step 2. Choose Your 12v Transformer

Choose your 12v transformer

Using the wattage total from step 1 will help determine which 12v transformer is suitable.

If the total wattage of your garden lights are within 10% of the maximum rating on the transformer you may want to consider a transformer with a larger maximum output to prolong the life of your transformer.

All 12v transformers in the garden lighting range by in-lite come with a 5 year guarantee.

Step 3. Select Your Cables & Accessories


Measure up your garden to calculate which cables you will require to connect your lights up.

Carefully plan where the connections on the main cables will fall. Choose to add extension cables where no connections for light fittings are necessary.