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Example Sketch for Techmar Garden Lighting Design

Here's some example sketches for cables, connectors, light fittings and transformer calculations. Based on a real garden lighting project and design that we helped with.

This example is intended to help inspire you plan your garden lighting design with Techmar's 12v garden lighting system.

It is best to begin with a basic sketch of your garden, include some rough dimensions and indicate where you would like the garden lights to be positioned.

Don't worry if you are not sure what lights are best to choose or where they should be positioned. We are here to help you select the ideal fitting to suit your design and budget.

Basic Sketch We Received

The example shown here is based on the original idea of a client of ours. We have reproduced the basic information from the original request for clarity.

The garden was approximately 50ft/15m by 45ft/13.7m and some outdoor lighting was wanted to brighten up the borders of a particularly dark garden.

Various spotlights to each side of the garden, recessed lights for the decking and also potentially lighting to the pond.

They all needed to be driven using safe 12v cables and low energy consuming LED bulbs.

We know from the sketch the location of the 12v transformer, the relevant dimensions of the garden and the number of fittings the client has requested.

It's now time to calculate the cables required.

Low Voltage Lighting - Garden Outline Sketch

Cabling Runs and Connectors

In this sketch the transformer is shown at the bottom near the decking and is marked '230v main supply socket'. A three way connector is then used to feed two separate cable runs (circuits). The connector's third connection point (in the middle) isn't being used in this example.

Left hand Cable Run

The cable run to the left side has five Brevus decking lights and five Arcus spotlights attached.

The overall cable run is approximately 25 metres so we chose to use two 15m long cables with 6 connectors.

Five Arcus spotlights are connected to the 15m cable. One connector is reserved to feed the three Lapis pond lights via a 2m extension cable and another three way connector.

Right hand Cable Run

The cable run to the right hand side, up the garden, has six Arcus spotlights attached.  The overall cable run to the last spotlight is approximately 15 metres. We therefore chose to use a 15m long cable with 6 connectors.

Low Voltage Lighting - Techmar Garden Lights Cable Sketch

Transformer Calculations

For readability we have also produced the graphic illustrated. This shows the wiring layout, products and transformer calculations.

Bear in mind that the customer also has a 2 metre lead on each spotlight so the final positioning around plants and shrubs etc can be decided when the lights are installed.

There are eleven Arcus spotlights (shown as circled 'A's on the diagram).

Each spotlight has a 5 watt LED so in total 55 watts (25w on the left hand cable run and 30w on the right hand cable run).

In addition, the five Brevus decking lights on the left hand cable use 1w each; so 5w in total.

Finally, the three Lapis pond lights on the left hand cable use 3w each; so 9w in total

Adding all lights (Arcus, Brevus and Lapis) gives a total energy use of 69 watts.

A 60w transformer would not have enough power to light-up all the bulbs so in this example you would choose a 150w transformer.

Example Garden Lighting Design

Professional Designs

Finally, if your having a professional designer to layout your new garden, do make sure your design covers the lighting needs from the outset. It's easier to build-in good lighting from the start rather than add it later!

If you're having a garden or building design created then we can add value to your design by overlaying our low voltage lighting design.

Whatever stage you may be at, feel free to contact us.

Low Voltage Lighting Plan on Professional Design