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Trade Benefits - Earn More Money With Outdoor Lighting!

Trade person from the rear

You can genuinely earn more money with simple and safe work!

There is no catch and we help FOC!

Our motive is simple and transparent! We want you to buy our products regularly. So we'll help you get going and then support you afterwards! We want you to become one of our regular customers and installers! 'Your good business' becomes 'our good business too'!

Read on!

Profitable Work That's Easy To Do!

As a trades person, you want to get as much easy and highly profitable work as you can. You also want safe work with minimum risk.  If it's also 'physically-simple' as well then it's a 'no brainer'. (Click to Read More)

If competent DIY'ers can install our lights then as professional trades person you certainly can! You don't have to be a qualified/certified electrician; but if you are then that's fine too.  Why, because either you can carry out the work or you can get your apprentice or labourer to do it. So, installing our lighting ticks all the boxes to earn more money!  (Most are shown below!) How...?

Because our lighting installation involves

  • speed of work
  • easy physical work
  • less or nil installation and post installation snagging...and most of all...
  • great customer satisfaction!

You can charge your normal day rates and cut down all risk.

Electrical Lighting Outdoors! Isn't it Difficult?

No it's not and you don't have to have an electrical qualification. We will help every step of the way if you've not done it before. (Click to Read More)

If you currently undertake professional trade services then we are 100% confident you'll have the necessary skills to install!You may be a landscaper or offer general gardening services. Or an electrician with regular clients and work.

Equally you may have another trade and want to branch out, gain other experiences or simply do something else or pick up some simple weekend work.

The work is physically easy and it may be that you just want to do something (or have to do something) that is less strenuous.

The motive doesn't matter. The work is very rewarding and clients love the outcome.

We know that we can help you make more money. Installing our lights is definitely another service you can offer your clients. They trust you, invite you to their homes and your credibility is valued. More importantly you retain your client relationship with our expertise in the background.

So it may be an opportunity to add other services that it turn helps you earn more or grow an existing business.


All our lighting is low voltage and is simple and safe to install.  If you can plug a kettle into a socket then you can install our lights with equal safety. We'll help with all the product  design, detail and specification! We reiterate, if competent DIY's can do it then as a professional trades person you certainly can! (Click to Read More)

You need to have no electrical background or training and we don't seek 'accredited installer fees'. For the first couple of times we'll guide and 'hand hold' you.

Once you have the basics (and it's really easy and quick to pick-up) then you'll be off and running. You'll be getting good feedback, impressing your existing clients and given good work gaining recommendations. It becomes rewarding both financially and in terms of job satisfaction. This becomes repeat business for you and then of course for us!

Your clients will delight in your work and we've found that they in turn recommend their friends and family who call upon you for the installations! It grows!

How Do I Start?

We'll explain everything in full detail, provide backup phone support and our website has a staggeringly comprehensive set of products, information and questions and answers (FAQ's) that you (and your client) can read. (Click to Read More)

The simple process is typically you let your clients use our website to browse, understand and choose their light fittings. They can see the all prices.

However, they are unsure of the lighting effects and what's needed. They don't know how to install or what cabling is needed. Or they just want to get someone to carry out the installation. That's where you step in.

We help in the background with a design and specification. The products get ordered by your client (nil risk of non-payment) or yourself, delivered to you or your client's address and you arrange the installation at the day rate you choose.  We don't get involved with the client in normal circumstances!

We know you'll soon see more money flow through your business with less physical work than any other typical trade activity!

We'll undertake the design and specification for you.

So just call (or email) James to have a chat and he'll soon answer your questions.

Some Benefits For Increasing Your Take Home Pay!

Further background on the benefits is shown below. Just contact us to chat through and we'll explain how you can grow your top line revenue; but more importantly increase your gross profit with simple and less demanding work. Looking forward to hearing from you. (Click to Read More)

Low Voltage Garden Lights - Benefits Image

If you are an electrician you'll fully understand the simplicity.  Other trades may need some initial guidance but for all trades we'll help you specify the products, cabling run and advise on lighting effects etc. 

For typical and most outdoor situations this is done by us free of charge (FOC) to you.

Sure, for some complex designs we may need to have a discussion. One of our landscapers simply sends a drawing to us and we tell him what's the best lighting effect, where to place the products and give him all the cable schematics to enable him to install in minutes.

So, if we can help you make simple money whilst buying our products then we will!

Our existing clients that have trades trades (such as landscapers etc) all make maximise their profits and get repeat business. They 'wow' their customers and use our lighting to differentiate themselves from other trades locally. Simply put, they provide a value added service.

Installing low voltage lighting ticks all the boxes!

Low Voltage Garden Lights Benefit Install using non-certified labour  - totally safe cabling, connectors and fittings - no possibility of electric shock from our lighting cables, lights or fittings

Low Voltage Garden Lights Benefit Speed of installation

  • Easy to install & uninstall.
  • All light fittings and cables use Plug & Play connectors 
  • Easy to put together due to common and standard sized 'Plug & Play' fittings with watertight screw connectors

Low Voltage Garden Lights Benefit Client Satisfaction

  • Tell your client with confidence that as their garden matures or changes everything can be adjusted. As plants and shrubs grow, spread, moved or taken out then they can re-arrange (or ask you back!). The system is flexible and adaptable.
  • Domestic and wild animal safe
  • Child safe
  • Modern 12v LED technology
    - Now technologically advanced.
    - Completely outweighs 12v halogen or other incandescent forms
    - Extremely low power consumption; ten times cheaper than halogen so far cheaper electricity bills
    - Very low heat emissions (almost minimal) helping lights last longer and better for the environment
    - More resistant to shocks (footballs, accidental kicks or knocks etc)
    - Incredible life span for multi-thousand hours

Low Voltage Garden Lights Benefit Flexibility In Layout and Ease Of Installation

  • Cables can be laid on the ground surface through borders, ran along fences or walls or discreetly hidden behind features
  • Cables can be buried in the open ground such as lawns or planting borders or can be laid in a simple conduit or under patios and driveways if needed
  • Cabling is easy to work around corners, bends and through fixtures due to cable flexibility
  • Further additional cables and fittings can be added easily at a later date if needed

Low Voltage Garden Lights Benefit  Risk, Future Snags, Follow On Work and Guarantees

  • All products hold a minimum 3 year product guarantee
  • All fittings and cables are made from high quality products. Not cheap quality cabling so longevity is assured
  • Not reliant on cheap mass market 'solar drivers' that only last for a short time and/or have no illumination strength
  • Future problems, if they occur, can be identified by a non-qualified person (e.g. a broken cable from a garden spade)
  • Can be plugged into a normal 3 pin 230v domestic socket benefiting from UK fuse and RCD protection standards
  • Can be de-installed if clients move house and then re-installed at a new property
  • Simple cable conduit runs can be prepared if needed to protect the cable (e.g. under driveways)
  • Cable breakage/puncture or damage can easily be fixed

Low Voltage Garden Lights Benefit  Some Other 'Selling Points' to consider discussing with your client

  • Can often be retrofitted to older 12v systems if need be (we can advise)
  • Can easily and quickly be used as safety lighting along paths, steps, driveways and other areas in need of lighting for the elderly and disabled
  • Can be used as 'marker points' and welcoming signalling to properties in rural areas where no street lighting exists
  • Acts as a security preventative to unwanted snoopers and thieves
  • Endless possibilities for lighting scenarios and better aesthetics to liven up the outdoors without the hassle of mains cabling and inherent safety issues
  • Ability to view gardens and outdoor areas otherwise cut off by the dark
  • Can be used for temporary features such as outdoor weddings, events, marquees etc
  • No wire stripping and 'cabling up'
  • No unsightly electrical 'choc boxes' or waterproofing glands needed
  • No armoured cabling deep buried mains runs required
  • Can be ran off small temporary generators due to low energy consumption at remote sites such as stables or at equine centres
  • Speed of installation saves expensive labour costs
  • Less expensive than typical 230v light fittings or cabling
  • Replaces old incandescent or halogen power hungry lights with modern low energy consuming LED's using a tenth of the energy
  • Can attach remote controls, PIR's (movement sensors) and timers to cabling for control of lighting
  • Separate circuits (cable runs) can easily be designed and built to link different fittings such as PIR's or to provide different effects
  • Lets you see your garden and wildlife during long winter months
  • Opens up the property and extends the rooms adding the sense of space and link to nature
  • Helpful lighting when arriving back at a property creating a safe environment; especially for poor sighted or the elderly

Further reading about 12v safety and 230V mains lighting can be found here

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