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Techmar Garden Lights 6m EXTENSION CABLE with 1 Plug & Play connector

Techmar 6m EXTENSION CABLE with 1 Plug & Play connector

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SPT-1W extension cable with screw connectors, 6 meters long. 

Maximum 120w rating. 

A 6 mtr extension cable with pre-wired screw connectors.  This cable has two pre-wired connectors (one at each end) and is used to extend any cable run from the transformer cable onwards.   

Any of the other connectors can be fitted including the three way connector or if you have one light fitting in a remote place then it can be wired directly to the end point.  

If your run is likely to be longer than 50m please do contact us.

Can I join the larger 150 watt SPT-3 to the smaller 120 watt SPT-1 cable?

Yes you can!  

The Plug & Play connectors are a standard size and are pre-fitted at the factory to each type of cable.  So it's easy to just plug the ends of each different type cable together, screw the fitting down to make it watertight and then switch on!  

You can also go from an SPT-3 to an SPT-1 cable, and then if you need more connections go back to an SPT-3 cable.  They are completely interchangeable.

For example, a 15 metre 6 connector cable to a 10 metre 4 connector cable and then back to a 15 metre 6 connector cable!  In this example, be aware that the SPT-1 10 metre four connector cable has a consumption load limit of 120 watts (as opposed to the SPT-3 cable load limit of 150 watts).  So if you use this configuration make sure you restrict the consumption to the lower rated cable choice as appropriate.

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