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Techmar LINEA 12v LED Low Voltage Garden Decorative Light

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This 100 LED string set, complete with it's own driver, can be powered from any separately purchased Techmar transformer (see Transformers).  

24w transformer will allow this Master Starter Set, complete with it's own driver, to power up to four further LED string extension sets making a total of 50 metres of lighting (approx 55 metres overall length with transformer and driver cabling included).

(Please Note: The Starter Set driver doesn't have functions for flashing lights etc.)

This light set can be used on its own or can be extended up to four more sets to make a run of 50m in total. The driver only needs to be used at the beginning of the run.


NOTE:  The driver included with this set converts the 12vAC current to a 12vDC current.  This is required to successfully operate the LED strings.


Low Voltage Lighting - Linea Master   Low Voltage Lighting - Linea Extension


These Techmar Linea LED sets are perfect for celebrating the Christmas festive season, weddings or social events where you need to 'sparkle' the outdoors with a little light!
Up to five sets can be connected end-to-end to daisy chain around trees, outdoor buildings, gazebos, marquees, fence lines etc.

They aren't the 'cold ice white' colour but are the 'warmer white' colour.  They will really transform your garden, tree, building or other outdoor feature into a very pretty wonderland of light.

They are genuine high quality products (not cheap mass imports) with original Techmar Plug & Play technology and extremely low running costs.
Try them...we don't feel you'll be disappointed as they are really high quality and great value for money!


Low Voltage Garden Lighting - Energy Rating ThumbEnergy rating: A++

Energy use is only 2W (total load) for the whole string!

Length: 13 meters overall with 10 meters between first to last bulb.

Low Voltage Garden Lighting - Energy Saving Thumb Light source: LED 100x  Warm White  2W in total

Low Voltage Lighting - LED Lumens Thumb Lumens: n/a

Low Voltage Lighting - Kelvin Scale Thumb Kelvin Scale: 3,000K

Low Voltage Lighting - LED Lifespan Thumb Lifespan: 10,000 Hrs

Low Voltage Lighting - 3 Year Guarantee Thumb 3 year guarantee

Low Voltage Lighting - The Benefits Thumb See the Low Voltage Benefits

Share this Product is the trusted supplier for patio lights, decking lights and outdoor garden lights.

We specialise in low energy LED garden lights, outdoor lighting design and garden lighting design. We only promote and sell safe low voltage garden lights and our 12v garden lights are all easy to install with simple plug and play technology. We are proud to have a great choice of outdoor LED garden lights.
Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have.

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