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Low Voltage Garden Lights,  Techmar DUSK TO DAWN SENSOR Low Voltage Outdoor Sensor / Timer - Remote Controls - TECHMAR original product

Techmar DUSK TO DAWN SENSOR Low Voltage Outdoor Sensor / Timer

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Programmable Dusk to Dawn sensor with timer functions, Max 150W

This device is handy if you want to automate control over the lighting.  It will control all lights 'downstream' (beyond) of its own position.

You can place the device almost anywhere along a 12v cable run but it's typically positioned between the transformer and the lighting cable/circuit that you want to control (placed 'in-line').  The automated programme is then set and the lights beyond the sensor are then controlled by the programme.

It can be programmed to switch on when dusk falls (using the built-in sensor) and then switch off as dawn rises.

It can also be programmed to switch on when dusk falls and then remain on for a period of time up to 9 hours.

The unit comes with complete with a 1m cable to help position the unit.

If you are using other sensors on the same lighting circuit then the siting an configuration needs to be carefully considered.  Do contact us if you have any questions and we will be pleased to advise.

Usage (6W)


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