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Low Voltage Garden Lights,  Techmar SWITCH PUS SMART RECEIVER Low Voltage Outdoor Sensor

Techmar SWITCH PLUS SMART RECEIVER Low Voltage Outdoor Sensor

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12V outdoor smart receiver, Plug & Play max 150W

Use the Garden Lights Switch Plus in combination with the app to control your Techmar Garden lighting system. You can illuminate all or just a section of your garden at the click of a button. You can manage and change the settings remotely ensuring that your lights don't stay on unnecessarily. The Garden Lights Switch Plus works on bluetooth and is connected in no time.

The Switch Plus includes a built-in dark/light sensor. You can configure it in the Garden Lights app so that your lighting switches on when it gets dark and switches off at daylight. In order for this feature to work properly, you should take the position of the sensor into account when placing the Switch Plus. The sensor must be exposed to ambient light. Make sure the sensor is not exposed to interrupting light such as streetlights because this might interfere with optimal functioning of the sensor.

- Suitable for 12V AC-DC applications (universal)
- Usage 1w
- Maximum capacity 150w
- Cable length 5cm
- Receiver suitable for outdoor use (IP44)

Cannot be used in line with the Garden Lights Motion Sensor ( 6156011) or the Garden Lights Timer+Sensor ( 6009011) or Garden Lights Receiver ( 6148011 and 6149011). If you want to combine these accessories in one system, you have to connect each accessory separately with the main cable.

Low Voltage Garden Lights - Switch Plus Smart Receiver 6269011

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