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Designers, Landscapers, Event Organisers - Let's Get It Right!

If you're a Garden Designer, Landscaper or an Event Organiser - let's work together to get the best result!

We both want one outcome.  A delighted customer!

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So we'll work with you - it's just easier!

Whether it's realising those fabulous garden lighting ideas, creating the best visuals for a garden or wedding venue (such as a barn, a garden marquee) or for that  18th or 21st birthday party we can provide the outdoor lights that'll bring atmosphere and drama.

The principles of lighting are the same.  Mood, drama, safety, or simple functionality.

Before raising an 'arms length' order that commits you to a large financial outlay on a project you're working on, it's sensible to discuss with your client a number of things.

This helps you provide what's needed and gain a delighted client.

Typical discussions embrace

  • the type or style of the design e.g. contemporary, traditional
  • what the overall aim of the lighting effect needs to be (subtle, mood lighting etc.).
  • garden features and aesthetics such as borders, statues, ponds, fountains, feature trees
  • event type and accommodation (wedding, party and marquee, yurt etc.)
  • future plans
  • identifying power sources
  • planning a cable design
  • agreeing a client budget etc.

The last thing you (or we) want is to commit to a large order and find that your client isn't happy. This involves the hassle of product returns, re-stocking fees, client issues and problems; and worst of all a potentially damaged reputation for you!

If you're in any doubt just call us and we'll work with you as it's easier.  It'll also help build trust and confidence in the eye of your client.

If you need us to liaise with your client direct we will be happy to do that as well. Of course we will make sure you retain total control over the final deliverable and liaise regularly with you.

Large Value Projects? We recommend a 'working/sample' set

Sure, we can help with lighting designs and cable runs and between us we can normally design a great solution at 'arms length'.

However, you may have a client that is committed to a lighting solution but is unsure of the precise nature of what's needed or can't visualise the products or overall outcome. Or you know what's needed but want the client to 'buy in' to your recommendations before you proceed.

In such circumstances we find a really good and practical way to proceed once the design is tabled is to order a small 'working/sample set.

It's something we've done many times before if doubts exist either over

  • the substance (materials look and feel),
  • style of a fitting,
  • the overall lighting effect or
  • you have a very hands-on and demanding client.

You will want your client to be happy. We want that as well!

Of course the 'lighting effect' can only be perceived at dusk/night time but far better to install a small 'working/sample set' and get the clients' 'buy-in' before any large purchase is made.

It demonstrates a professional and caring attitude and the client should see the value of the proposition. This reflects really well on you (and ourselves in the background as a silent party to your plan).

It also builds confidence in the mind of the client such that when you attend to the installation activities you can do so with confidence that the client is totally happy. You can then potentially repeat the same process (or install what's already been approved beforehand) for any additional lighting that may be required.

(NB There is an added benefit in that you will gain valuable experience as well and be stronger in your understanding and recommendation.)

VIP clients, sophisticated controls and exclusivity?

We can help with other outdoor lighting products, smart control, automation and exclusivity.

As a professional you want to give your client what they want. If you have a VIP client looking for something special or unique we can help.

We've the largest range of products from Europe's leading manufacturers Techmar, in-lite and Konstsmide on show in the store. However, the products you need may not be on show in the store or your client wants something special.

If the light fitting you seek or control capability isn't in the store do call us.

We have access to a more extensive manufacturer stock list and experience of third party products (e.g. remote controllers, Smartphone control, RGB lighting etc).

It's likely that we can provide a total solution to embrace everything needed.

We also have available to us some high value products that we simply don't display in the web store. These are typically shown to VIP clients on a personal basis. Especially when they want something a little harder to find!

Of course if your client wants something that no one else has we will also try and help with bespoke lighting (see


We always try and encourage a complete 'single-manufacturer' system from transformer, through cabling all the way down to fitting and light source. This allows us to stand by any warranty issues through the manufacturers stated warranty period.

However, you may be faced with installing a 'mixed manufacturer' system (e.g. non-manufacturer cables, mixed manufacturer connectors). Sometimes this is a necessity to hook into older systems or avoid a complete re-cabling exercise that is simply impractical 'on site'.

In such cases we have to step aside from any whole warranties as we're unable to stand on the manufacturer to underwrite them. We can't lean on them as it's not in our terms with them. So we can't pass that benefit on to you and your client.

The good news is that failures are rare and hooking in to older cabling is typically fine! However, it's always better to brief your client if you have no 'single manufacturer' option.

Just call us to discuss the best way forward and we'll be delighted to help.