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Why Low Voltage 12v Garden Lighting?

Safety First When Dealing With Electricity

Dangerous high voltage 230 volts!


Simple and Safe low voltage - 12 volts!

12 volts (low voltage) is considered to be safe by European guide lines. (see * below).

Improved technology now allows low voltage 12 volts to light up your garden in a well-lit and atmospheric way. The whole system from transformer through to light fittings is supplied with screw connectors and no training or tools are needed during the cabling and installation process. It's almost as easy as setting up a Scalextrix or train set!

The ability to create ambient and atmospheric lighting effects outdoors, with a professional look that would have cost thousands of pounds a few years ago is now in the grasp of everyone.

Unlike a 230 volt system, the Lumena, Konstsmide or in-lite 12 volt garden lighting systems do not require cables to be put half a metre under the ground. Furthermore, every completed system is always easy to modify and/or customise.

The safety and simplicity of the lighting system makes it possible for anyone to install the lighting, cables, fittings and accessories or we can help design and fit. (see Can We Help?)

The complete system, from transformer to the light fitting itself, is manufactured with screw connectors so normally no tools will be necessary during installation.

(The assembly of some lamps may require a screwdriver. Any brackets that need to be attached to walls or fences etc. can be fitted using typical wall fitting plugs and screws - you will need to choose your wall plugs.)

All products are suitable for installation in existing, renovated or new-build premises and gardens.

If you need our professional landscaping help and ideas please do contact us. If you're having a garden or building design created, please contact us. We'll be pleased to help ensure your design covers the lighting needs from the outset. (see Can we help?)


In the UK, if cabling for 230V mains electricity is needed in the ground, then heavily armoured cable is required to ensure people and animals are safe. 12 volt lighting is inherently safe due to the low voltage. If children decide to 'explore' the fittings or play with the cables they will be safe!

Two simple examples illustrate the reasoning.

  1. You can create 12 volts by linking together just eight 1.5 volt torch batteries (e.g. AA, C, or D types) The calculation is simple 8 * 1.5v = 12v!
  2. Lumena, Konstsmide and in-lite transformers take the '230v AC mains electricity' and transform it to safe '12v AC' electricity. A similar process occurs when you run a child's train or Scalextric set.

If a 12v cable is broken by accident then no electric shock will occur! The 12v cables have an additional practical advantage in that they can be left discreetly 'hidden' but capable of being seen if you need to dig over a garden border.

You simply move them and then replace them after a border has been de-weeded.

Easy to Install with watertight 'Plug & Play' connections

Plug & PlayIn-lite have designed their 'Plug & Play' system with connectors that can be easily installed by the user where required. Simply roll out the main cable, locate the cable connectors that are supplied with the fitting and plug in your light fitting.

You can leave all cables overground, attach them to posts, walls, fences or if you wish or bury them.

If you bury them then keep a note where you put them so that you don't put a spade or hoe through the cable. But if you do break the cable by accident at some point, you'll be safe and the cables can be rejoined very easily!

If you would like more information, read our article on how to safely connect garden lights.

* The EU have a Low Voltage Directive (LVD). The LVD ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides a high level of protection for European citizens across a Single Market in the European Union.