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Garden and Outdoor Lighting Design - Our Services

Practical outdoor lighting designs to make magical gardens and outdoor spaces.

Large residential landscape design outdoor lighting plan with light fixtures selected and installation positions marked on the plan.


Working with you, we'll create a practical lighting plan with beautiful lights and a cable solution that's ready for installation.

We’re experienced in working directly with homeowners, garden designers, landscapers and outdoor trades professionals.

The team has many years of practical hard and soft landscaping experience and has within it Architectural Design skills (ex Westminster University BSc Hons). It's that collective experience and skill that differentiate us from others.

Practical 2 dimensional garden layout plan with outdoor lighting overlay on the plan.


If you have a garden 2D plan we'll create the lighting scheme and overlay the lighting design for you.

Practical hand drawn sketch plan of a proposed garden layout with outdoor lighting overlay added to the plan.


A hand drawn sketch is a great way to plan and visualise your garden layout. You don’t have to be a designer. We’ll create a lighting overlay to enable you to see your garden layout with a great lighting plan.

Professional garden design plan with outdoor lighting overlay added to the plan.


We provide our lighting design service to garden designers at no cost. We're passionate about outdoor lighting and know it adds value to good garden designs as an 'optional' add-on for clients to consider.


We work in harmony with a number of existing landscapers and installers. If you have trusted landscapers that you recommend to your clients then we can train them to install the design to the same professional standards that we use. (We have a number of landscapers and electricians that we have trained all to the highest standard). Just email your sketches or 2D designs to us at email address and we'll be pleased to help. Feel free to use our web contact form below.

Boutique garden lighting with illuminated fire globe feature and wall lights downlighting slatted fencing around the garden.


We make sure lighting is considered at the outset rather than a 'bolt-on extra' after the landscape has been completed! We can help you create a magical garden with beautiful outdoor lighting from in-lite .

The process is simple and we can help. We can enhance your project with our design services, lighting selection and installation, and achieving beautiful lighting and atmospheric effects.

Let's talk about your project. Call us or feel free to use our web contact form below.