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Great Garden & Outdoor Lighting Design - It's Achievable!

Lighting gardens and outdoor features is now a 'must' on the drawing tables of garden designers and architects; and it's achievable for everyone!

We genuinely believe that a garden is not complete without lighting. You may be struggling with garden lighting ideas but we are ready to help!

Designers have brought modern, 12v low voltage, safe and beautifully designed light fittings to the market.

Our products are simple to install with Plug & Play connectors.

They don't require dangerous 230V mains 'armoured cables' to be 'dug-in' and they can be sited almost anywhere.

Our lighting design services aim to help you plan 12v low voltage outdoor lighting for a wide range of outside spaces - from simple garden makeovers and low maintenance outdoor living spaces through to garden design and landscape transformations - we work with the best led low voltage outdoor lighting systems available in the UK.

Professional garden design plan with outdoor lighting overlay added to the plan.


For years, lighting outdoor areas has been expensive and complicated. Using 230V mains electricity with traditional high-energy bulbs and outdoor lighting fittings installation has been restrictive. It's carried out where absolutely necessary or 'for the few' who are able to afford the massive undertaking.

In most cases, basic and functional 'flood' lighting was installed for house fronts, commercial car parks, or for reasons of safety or security. Fittings and light sources didn't enable really pleasing lighting at properties. The 'standard uplighting' on walls, buildings and the like is fine but has it's visual limitations.

Outcomes could have been far better but will have been constrained due to installation costs, design issues, restricted halogen or sulphur based light fittings, mains energy supply and high energy running costs. Good lighting that's pleasing to the eye probably wasn't an option. 'Just get some light over there as quickly and as cheaply as possible' will have been the main driver for commercial premises. For domestic premises there were only a few options available!

Modern Technology

However, with modern technology and good lighting design, functional lighting-needs can be incorporated into aesthetically pleasing lighting. Similarly the capability to light up an area or feature to give a great visual effect can now be achieved far easier using safe, low voltage and low energy consuming lights whilst at the same time providing the functionality needed for safety or security.

Furthermore, swapping out high energy lighting and integrating low energy consuming units with good lighting design and great visual effects is now possible.

The advent of LED technology has now opened up the possibilities for anyone who has a garden or outdoor feature. Domestic or commercial!

We Can Compliment Your Designs

Providing clients with a clear vision is an essential part of today's design process.

We will add value to your drawings by providing a lighting design concept to compliment your design.

The line drawing illustrates a garden layout plan for patio outdoor living space and the overlay lighting plan to shows the position of low voltage light fittings for installation during patio landscaping works.

Transform your garden landscape at night delivering twice the enjoyment to your client with little extra cost.

Low voltage outdoor lighting plan overlay for garden patio design. Example outdoor garden lighting plan for client.

Details Make A Successful Lighting Design

Attention to detail can be the difference between delivering a lighting scheme or a lighting solution that your clients will be impressed with for years to come.

By working closely with our garden landscapers and designers we are able to provide you with a lighting design that is practical for installation.

Large residential landscape design outdoor lighting plan with light fixtures selected and installation positions marked on the plan.

At the highest level, good designs are geared for a number of reasons.

Our designs will enable you to...

  • illuminate your outdoor or garden area to add a creative design touch or atmosphere in the same way as lighting designers illuminate the indoors
  • allow you to look out on your garden or outdoor feature when it gets dark
  • show your lovely garden to family, friends and neighbours
  • create vibrant atmosphere or subtle mood lighting
  • add safety lights along dark pathways, steps or drives if required
  • provide a welcoming light at your gateway or drive entrance
  • add style to your property as well as providing an element of security
  • automate the lighting with remote controls and other sensors
  • provide lighting for safety or security
  • keep electricity running costs low

Good design is achievable and we can help.  Just contact us.