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In-lite Low Voltage Lighting System

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Beautiful outdoor lighting with leading design quality and performance from the lighting professionals in-lite®.

Low voltage 12 volts, Plug & Play, Modular Design. The in-lite® 12v lighting system is safe and easy to install, and customise your garden lighting design.

All in-lite® system products are low energy consuming, long-lasting and come with a 5-year warranty.

Luxurious five star hotel and spa resort with pool and surrounding landscaped gardens at night beautifully illuminated by in-lite Outdoor Lighting.


Leading quality in design, performance and best results are built into the in-lite® DNA. in-lite® are leading the way in innovation, exceptional quality and results that truly inspire all who want to create magical outdoor spaces.

Atmospheric landscape lighting with in-lite outdoor ground spot lights beautifully illuminating wall facades and trees along exquisitely illuminated road in a 5-star hotel and spa resort.


All in-lite® products are developed by lighting professionals and made to the highest standards. All in-lite® products come with a 5-year warranty.

Atmospheric landscape lighting with in-lite BIG NERO 12v outdoor ground spotlights illuminating trunks and canopies in a group of mature coniferous trees.


Innovation, design quality and leading performance ensures all in-lite® light sources are low energy consuming and optimal performing. Integrated LED techniques ensure light fixtures achieve excellent Colour rendering and beautiful atmospheric light.

Atmospheric landscape lighting with in-lite outdoor ground spotlights illuminating trees around luxurious relaxation huts in a 5-star hotel and spa resort.


The higher the CRI, the better the colour rendering capacity. Light fixtures with a CRI of 90+ are excellent and more capable of reproducing true colours. This means illuminating your garden will look its best with in-lite® outdoor lighting.

in-lite 12 volt outdoor lighting system brand visual.


The in-lite® system operates on low voltage 12 volt. It’s completely safe and easy to install the HUB transformer, cables and light fixtures - Just Plug & Play!

in-lite 12v outdoor spotlight fixture.


Designed by lighting professionals, all in-lite® fixtures provide high quality integrated LED technology and performance with a CRI of 90+.

Light fixtures with a CRI of 90+ are excellent. The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering capacity.

Each light fixture is supplied with the Easy-Lock connector for in-lite® cables and include a 5-year warranty.

in-lite SMART HUB 150 outdoor lighting system 12 volt transformer.


in-lite® HUB Transformers convert mains electricity (230 volts) to safe low voltage (12 volts). All in-lite® HUB’s include a built-in light sensor and programmable timer functions. You can easily set times for your lights to switch on and switch off.

The in-lite® HUB is the starting point for your cables and lighting circuits. in-lite® MOVE motion sensors are available separately and can be added to your lighting circuits.

in-lite AWG14 twin core low voltage outdoor lighting system installation cable.


Simply unwind your cable reel to install the heavy-duty low voltage cable around your garden. in-lite® Cable is highly durable and doesn’t need to be buried deep in the ground so you can lay it beneath loose ground types.

Simply connect your in-lite® light fixtures with the Easy-Lock connector and cap the ends of your cable runs.


  • Easy to Install
  • Beautifully Light Your Garden in 5 Easy Steps
  • Create a Magical Garden Experience after the Sun Goes Down


in-lite SMART outdoor lighting

Control your lighting using bluetooth from your smart device using the SMART HUB and in-lite® app

SMART TONE Dimmable and colour changeable lighting fixtures

The new SMART BRIDGE enables you to control your lighting from anywhere in the world! Use SMART BRIDGE to control your garden lighting via APP, and with VOICE. Compatible with smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit.

Works With Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home
  • SMART HUB-150 + APP for Smartphone Control
  • Set the Tone with SMART TONE Fixtures
  • SMART BRIDGE to Your Smart Home


Find more Magical Outdoor Lighting Inspiration in the Book of in-lite® 2024 - Here’s the NEW Brochure, ready for you.

in-lite Brochure 2024 - Outdoor lighting inspiration - The Book of in-lite 2024.


Our Garden Lighting Design Services can help you create a magical garden with atmospheric light. Practical and Safe, we’ll help design your lighting plan ready for installation. Contact Us to Discuss Your Project.