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We don't use customer feedback too much but recognise that prospective purchasers do value genuine feedback.  

We're really grateful to everyone that says 'thanks' because it adds a big smile to our day.  However, we don't want to bombard you with what may appear to be repetitive 'e-bay style' feedback.

So here's a small selection of various comments we've had from customers who have installed garden lighting or other outdoor lighting.  We trust you find them helpful.

"James was very helpful and turned my rudimentary sketches into a shopping list and handled any number of queries I raised. As I was not an electrician I was concerned but actually found the system incredibly easy to install and was equally impressed when everything switched on at first attempt.

I was also concerned that the low voltage LED format might not give out enough light but was again pleased to see these lights as bright as my previous mains system.

I would recommend this system to anybody - very safe and very simple!"

M.F. 29/11/18

"We are loving the lights…

Thank you for the work you have done, the design, fitting and communication with this project. Heather and I are very pleased with the out come. We would not hesitate in recommending you."

A.T. 18/03/18

"Thanks for your help and advice and the very efficient service you provide."

R.W. 23/11/17

"James was a delight to deal with throughout. He listened carefully to my needs, and looked at photos and plans of my garden before putting together a comprehensive plan and wiring diagram. After I ordered he gave me further advice on how to fit the lights. He was always patient and happy to suggest changes when certain aspects didn't work out first time. Really excellent customer service from an excellent company. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again."

A.G. 26/7/17

"Having seen the lights last night we are blown away. It looks like we are at some amazing house in the south of France - could not be happier."

M.B. 02/6/17"– what a find! I learnt about these from a very good friend of mine whose garden has been lit up with 12v lights for a couple of years now.

He kept telling me how easy they were to install, with no electrical knowledge, and also how cheap they are to run.

I recently took the decision to take his advice and how delighted I am that I did. Having spent the last 2 years turning the garden of our newly acquired converted barn from a bit of a jungle to something more pleasing to the eye, 22 various 12V garden lights have added a whole new dimension to the garden once it’s dark.

My new Eon smart meter tells me that 22 lights cost 2p an hour to run, equivalent to 1x60 watt bulb on a 230v circuit!

Furthermore, the web site is excellent and, whilst initially there seemed a lot of different lights to choose from, a little time spent reading through everything and it all became very clear. All you need to know is there and the ordering process could not have been simpler.

Delivery via DPD was prompt and arrived exactly when they said it would. If you have questions, Jim is extremely helpful too. 

I installed them easily myself, which was an achievement from someone who’s not done anything electrical since blowing himself off the top of a step ladder 35 years ago whilst trying to replace a light fitting in his first house, without first turning off the electricity!!

I would highly recommend to anyone considering outdoor and garden lights – you will not be disappointed!

C.T. – Warwick 18/5/17

Thanks very much CT for taking time to write to us with your experiences and for the kind compliments too!  You are also the first to check and underscore the low running costs as well...excellent and really appreciated! James

"Garden looks great and we were considering adding more lights"

C.G. 03/04/17

"many thanks for your help with this, your design and pre-populated basket has been incredibly useful."

B.M. 14/02/17

 Hi James

After communication with yourself I would personally like to thank you for your product knowledge and guidance. After trawling Google I found your Web site to be very informative and easy to use. I look forward to receiving my goods and upon installation I will provide feedback. Thank you once again for all your help and polite manner,it was a pleasure in dealing with you.

David & Dawn 01/11/16

"Very pleased with our lights, very solidly made, nice to look at in the daytime, and give a strong but soft light at night, pleasingly transforming the appearance of our our garden. Also very good after sales support."
R.G. 09/09/16

"got it sorted..very pleased with the quality of the lights."
G.C. 07/07/16

 Hi James

As a result of our recent discussions I now have a fully working system. I really appreciate the assistance you provided to enable me to reach this position.
I am happy for you to use this email as a referral if you so wish.
Kind regards

Peter H. 26/05/16

Thanks Peter.  Appreciate the feedback and glad that I was able to help get you off an old 24v system using 'high energy' halogen bulbs and move you to a 12v 'low energy' LED based system.  Really pleased that you are up and running and hope you enjoy the lighting. James

"Another happy client after a landscaping job.  Drive looks great and at night lit up beautifully!"
C.B. 3/05/16 (Landscaper)

"Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help on this.  Lights installed and extremely happy with the outcome."
M.R. 29/04/16

"I installed the lights at the garden in Dorridge yesterday and I must say, it all went together well. The product is good quality and the assembly very quick and easy.
I have yet to see it in all its glory in the dark (!) but the client tells me it all looked very pretty."
M.D. 06/04/16

"I am struggling to remember a better product purchased than this one. As a parent worried about the safety of my family, but also wanting something special for the garden, 240 volts did not appeal to me.
i came across your website and after some thought went for a pack - i have to say this was easier than made out to fix, and has made me look like a real super star with the family
(i have refrained from telling them how easy it is to put lights in your garden when using your system)"
Steve B. 24/03/16
Thanks very much Steve. Glad you had fun installing the lights and your installation skills are safe with us! James

"Excellent product and service even on a small order. Thanks"

W.M. 4/12/15

"Impressive website with a good variety of products, example layouts and simple explanations of how the systems works and fits together.

Great customer service, offering personal advice to check what you need really is what you think you need , can't wait till switch on!

Welcome to put my name to it"

Steve Mason 13/11/15

Thanks very much Steve. Really appreciated.  Have fun installing the lights and watching your ideas and efforts come alive. James

''Having decided to replace some ageing and impracticable uplights behind 6 planters along a garden wall I chose the Deimos model from

With all existing 12v cabling already installed under block paving and transformer in place in my garden it was important the Deimos was compatible so I could just replace the lighting unit and not any cabling.

After some reassurance from James at 12v Garden Lights I purchased 6 Deimos lights

.....''simple case of connecting the cable from the back of the Deimos to my existing wiring, taking less than 10 mins to install each light (including fixing them to the wall). 
Very pleased with the results, providing a simple yet dramatic lighting solution to a problem area in my garden."

S.L. 18/9/15

Thanks very much for this feedback. Great job, added some drama to your garden using them as up-lights. I'm glad to hear you found it so easy and are pleased with the result (and thanks for the photos!).  James

"Very fast and efficient service with the expertise needed to provide excellent advice."

D.H. 31/8/15

"Our landscape designer successfully laid out the entire wiring (12v cable) on the day of installation (20-08-15)" 

A.M. 31/8/15 

Thank you both again for your positive assistance and excellent products

A.M. 24/8/15

Appreciate the feedback and I thought it would go smoothly for you. James