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In-lite Low Voltage Lighting System Explained

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The in-lite garden lighting range offers a fabulous selection of high quality outdoor garden lights. They can be easily and safely installed by everybody without any electrical experience.

They are perfect for patio lights, decking lights, driveway lights etc.  They offer a complete outdoor lighting design solution.

All light fittings in the in-lite 12v garden lighting range are supplied with LED's. That means low energy consumption and long lifespan.

in-light lighting system overview

It's simple to install and easy to illuminate.

In-lite use a low voltage 'Plug & Play' cabling system for their 12v garden and outdoor lighting system.

The advantage of the 12v system is that you do not require special technical knowledge for installation. You really can do it yourself or add it to the activities of your team.

We always recommend first creating a lighting plan and cable plan. We take care of that for you FOC!

Each fixture features an Easy-Lock connector, which makes it easier to connect lighting to the cables. The Easy-Lock is an important part of the garden lighting system and guarantees good contact with the outdoor cable. The Easy-Lock can simply be placed in the ground; the special gel protects the connection against moisture and other external influences.

In-Lite Low Voltage Cables & Connectors

Low voltage cables are available on reels of 25m, 40m or 200m (AWG14)

The thicker AWG10 cable can be used to reach distances up to 80m and is available as a reel of 120m

The modular design of in-lite's extension cables means you can easily adapt and change your garden lighting design as your garden matures and changes through the seasons.

Extension cables can be used to connect light fittings located in a remote area. Extension cables are available in 1m, 2m or 3m lengths.

Twin Cable Connectors can be used to create multiple cable 'branches' or 'runs'.

If your looking to install in-lite's high quality garden lighting range to your existing 12v outdoor lighting system, do feel free to contact us for more information.

Installing in-lite 12v Lighting System

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install the in-lite range of outdoor garden lights

in-lite outdoor lighting icons

It's easy to create your garden lighting design by following our three easy steps.

Step 1. Choose Your Light Fittings

Choose Your Garden Lights

Browse the in-lite range and select your choice of light fittings to illuminate your garden.

We have a great selection of high quality fittings so you're sure to find the lights that will compliment your garden lighting design.

Total up the wattage of all the light fittings as this will determine which transformer you will require.

Step 2. Choose Your 12v Transformer

Choose your 12v transformer

Using the wattage total from step 1 will help determine which 12v transformer is suitable.

If the total wattage of your garden lights are within 10% of the maximum rating on the transformer you may want to consider a transformer with a larger maximum output to prolong the life of your transformer.

All 12v transformers in the garden lighting range by in-lite come with a 5 year guarantee.

Step 3. Select Your Cables & Accessories


Measure up your garden to calculate which cables you will require to connect your lights up.

Carefully plan where the connections on the main cables will fall. Choose to add extension cables where no connections for light fittings are necessary.

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