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Lighting Design For Low Voltage Lighting - It's Easy!!

Low Voltage Lighting - in-lite system illustration

It's easy to connect our products together.


It's a little trickier to imagine what it may look like!  


Our experience tells us to be patient.  Think about what you might need.  Think about what you want to light up. Pick your ideas from other lighting projects that you can see on the internet or that you have seen on your travels.  Hotels, Stately Homes, pubs, public gardens or buildings all tend to offer some clues. The real key is that you will be able to install all the fittings easily.


These are just some of the things we would ask? 

low voltage garden lighting - Linum post light

Do you want low level mood or atmospheric lighting?  Do you need security lighting?
What about timers or PIR's?  What cables do you need and where will they go?  What strength of lighting do you need?  

Is it for a drive, a patio, wall or decking?  What about gentle down lighting, side lighting and up-lighting?

How about highlighting features such as trees, shrubs, water features and so on?

Do you need to consider path and step lighting for safety reasons or to guide visitors?  

Do you need to cater for any disabled needs?

How about patio lighting for alfresco dining?  Do you want to have separate switches for different lighting circuits? Can I switch the lights on easily or do I need remote controls?


Looking for inspiration?  

Well, there are many designers that could help, including ourselves.  There are hundreds of images on the web that may help give inspiration and here's a link to a feature from The Guardian newspaper that might be worth a read.


Professional Designs

Low Voltage Lighting Plan on Professional Design

If you're having a garden or building design created then we can add value to your design by overlaying our low voltage lighting design.

Just make sure your design covers the lighting needs from the outset as it's easier to build-in good lighting from the start rather than add it later!

Whatever stage you may be at, feel free to contact us