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Example Plan for Garden Lighting Design

Here's some example plans for outdoor lighting cables, connectors, light fittings and transformer calculations. Based on a real garden lighting project and design that we helped to realise.

This example is intended to help inspire you to plan your garden lighting design with our safe low voltage 12v outdoor lighting systems.

It is best to begin with a basic layout plan of your garden and landscape features, include dimensions and indicate where you would like the garden lights to be positioned.

Don't worry if you are not sure what lights are best to choose or where they should be positioned. We are here to help you select the ideal fitting to suit your design and budget.

Simple Garden Layout Plan

The example plan shown here is drawn from our client’s ideas and project requirements. Transforming a new build garden to create an ideal outdoor space unique and tailored to our client’s lifestyle. We have reproduced the basic information from the original request for clarity.

This low maintenance formal garden encompasses a main patio area with a retaining oak sleeper bed for planting. Steps lead up to the lawn. A curved patio creates additional space where a raised oak sleeper bed and corner feature are ideal for planting a selection of smaller trees. The upper level area draws the eye and creates visual interest from the main patio.

The garden area is approximately 148 m2 and outdoor lighting was intended for safety and to create an atmospheric vibrancy by illuminating the borders and features.

Outdoor Wall Lights provide up-down lighting for safety and visual effect. Decking lights recessed into sleepers are ideal for indicative lighting along the main patio. Small spotlights placed between smaller trees and diagonal illumination creates shadowing effects on the garden wall. Spotlighting the tree from the ground up creates a dramatic lighting effect that unhides the corner feature at night.

In this design all the light fittings are safely connected and powered from a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer. They all needed to be driven using safe 12v cables and low energy consuming LED bulbs.

We know from the sketch the location of the 12v transformer, the relevant dimensions of the garden and the number of fittings the client has requested.

It's now time to calculate the cables required.

Example Garden Design Layout Plan

Cable Runs and Connectors

In this lighting plan the 12v transformer is shown at the bottom near the main patio and is marked '230v main supply socket'. The HUB 50 - 12v Transformer (transforms mains 230v to safe 12v) - 50w maximum power output. The transformer has 2 cable outlets that are used to feed two separate cable runs (circuits). One cable run is required in this plan and all light fittings have their own cable with a mini connector that simply fits to an Easy-Lock connector at points along the cable run.

The Cable Run for Lights

The overall cable run is approximately 38 metres so we have chosen to use the 40m Cable.

The cable runs starts at the main patio planting bed with 1 FUSION 22 RVS or 1 HYVE 22 RVS connected.

The cable runs along the main patio planting bed and raised sleeper bed to connect 7 x HYVE 22 RVS or 6 x FUSION 22 RVS lights recessed within the sleeper steps and raised sleepers for indicative lighting along the main patio.

The cable run continues into the planting bed on the left hand side of the garden (upper level). At this location we use the Twin Cable Connector to create a cable branch run for the 2 x ACE UP-DOWN 12v Wall Lights. In this lighting plan one cable branch run is required to connect the two 12v wall lights.

The main cable run continues up the left hand side of the garden through the gravel trap that runs adjacent to the upper patio area and the cable runs through the raised sleeper bed. Here positioned between smaller plants are three MINI SCOPE 12v Spotlights are easy to install with ground spike included.

The cable run finishes at the corner feature where a SCOPE 12v Outdoor Spotlight is connected.

The End of the Cable Run

The end of the cable run is secured with a twin cable cap attached.

Example Plan Garden Lighting Design 12v Cable Lighting Overlay

Transformer Calculations

The total number of outdoor light fittings is 12. Adding together the combined wattage output for all the outdoor light fittings gives a total wattage of 14.2 watts.

In this scenario only 14.2w power is drawn from the 50w low voltage outdoor transformer ( HUB 50 12v Transformer ) and should our client require additional light fittings in the future, there is up to 34 watts power available if needed.

To recap, this low maintenance formal garden encompasses a main patio area with raised planting beds and low voltage garden lights installed for illuminating key features and lighting for security.

Working with a professional outdoor services company Oakland Group we integrated a sustainable LED lighting solution into the garden design, and with ease of installation the in-lite 12 volt outdoor lighting system makes this garden a unique outdoor space!

Infographic 12v low voltage outdoor transformer calculations for example lighting plan

Professional Designs

Finally, if your having a professional designer to layout your new garden, do make sure your design covers the lighting needs from the outset. It's easier to build-in good lighting from the start rather than add it later!

If you're having a garden or building design created then we can add value to your design by overlaying our low voltage lighting design.

Whatever stage you may be at, feel free to contact us.

Low Voltage Lighting Plan on Professional Design