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Outdoor Lighting - Another Dimension!

Contemporary style boutique garden illuminated with metal fire bowl and slatted fencing.

In the daytime your garden looks great. As the evening approaches, something is missing. In darkness it disappears.

Without lighting you lose sight of those lovely garden features. As the sun goes down, with great lighting you gain an additional room outdoors, and your lovely garden features will come alive through the darkness.

Whether lighting for safety or to enhance aesthetics, there’s great potential to illuminate those lovely garden features, create mood and ambience, and majestically showcase architectural features and elements around your property.

We approach each lighting project as uniquely as possible. Each garden has interesting characteristics and good layout designs can be creatively enhanced with a practical lighting overlay. We help with lighting design, fixture selection, cables and fixtures installation, and achieving great lighting results!

Working with low voltage 12v outdoor lighting systems makes perfect sense when it comes to installing quality lighting for the garden.

12 volt outdoor lighting systems are safe, practical and energy efficient. The system comprises the transformer (converts mains 230v to 12v), low voltage outdoor cables (carries voltage to light fixtures), and the light fixtures.

There are many 12v garden lighting systems available to buy and most offer ‘plug & play’ connections. Popular with diy enthusiasts, with safety ease of installation in mind, most 12v garden lighting systems do what is required. They can be installed almost anywhere in and around the garden. The 12v light fixtures are powered and illuminate where you want them to.

Modern landscape swimming pool project complete with in-lite outdoor lighting accurately positioned and installed.


That’s the idea, but with some 12v garden lighting systems, there’s limitations on what you can achieve. Here’s an example project with a swimming pool, newly installed paving, decking and pergola that encompasses a luxurious outdoor space. There’s only a few 12v lighting systems that will allow you the design freedom to place selected light fixtures exactly where you want them and to perform at their optimal setting.

More recently 12v outdoor lighting systems offering modular design are enabling garden designers, professional landscapers and trade professionals to create bespoke lighting designs and installations tailored specifically to their clients’ requirements.

We’ve been working closely with garden professionals who want to add another dimension to their projects. We also help serious diy lighting enthusiasts who want high quality lighting for their lovely garden.

There’s a wide range of lighting options and we can help create a practical garden lighting plan tailored to your outdoor space. With a beautiful selection of lights, cable solutions, and installation guides, you can have a lighting design made to the same professional standards that we use.

The process is simple and we can help. It's all very simple to install but if you need help then look at our 'Garden and Outdoor Lighting Design - Our Services' page.
As professional installers we have a lot of experience to offer!