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What is 'Plug and Play' For Low Voltage Garden Lighting?

Simple to Install & Easy to Illuminate.

Garden lighting systems that are labelled Plug & Play are simple and easy to install. Just plug the light fittings into the connectors and you're ready to play.

We offer a fabulous selection of high quality outdoor garden lights from world class suppliers. All garden lighting products in our store can be easily and safely installed by everybody and without the need for an electrician.

Learn more about each plug and play system below

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Techmar Plug & Play Garden Lights

The complete system, from transformer to the fitting itself, is manufactured with plug & play screw connectors so no tools will be necessary during installation.

Each lamp is supplied with 2-meter or 3-meter SPT-1 cable with a weatherproof plug & play connector. The cables from the light fitting are then attached to the main low voltage cable coming from the transformer.

As the connectors are screwed to each other a simple rubber 'O' ring seals the connection points from water ingress. Cables can be buried underground, ran along walls or fences or laid discreetly on surfaces such as garden borders.

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In-Lite Plug & Play Outdoor Lights

The in-lite 12v outdoor lighting system is an easy to design garden lighting solution. Gel filled connectors are used to form connection points wherever you require.

Each light fitting is supplied with a short lead in cable and a weatherproof mini connector. The cable from the light fitting is plugged into the mini connector positioned along the main low voltage cable from the transformer.

When the connectors are screwed down to the main cable a water resistant gel is applied to the connection and seals from any potential water ingress. Cables can be buried underground, ran along walls or discreetly placed within garden borders.


Electrical Sockets - Watertight / Waterproof

In most gardens one central 230v connection is sufficient and you can simply plug in the 12v transformer. The power for the lights comes from a 12v transformer and this does need a 230v electrical socket to be plugged into.

A spare socket inside a house, shed or other sheltered environment will be more than adequate.

If your plug can't be installed in a dry indoor area then that's no problem. It can be plugged into an outdoor electrical weatherproof/watertight socket similar to the one shown below.

If you need to install a watertight socket then we recommend a qualified electrician is employed as they will complete all works to modern safety standards and also be able to certify any new installations. You then simply plug your transformer in once it's fitted!

Waterproof Plug Socket

Types of Cables, Easy as SPT-1,2 or 3

SPT (Service Parallel Thermoplastic) cables are found in many domestic applications like your radio, television or table lamps for example. You should be able to easily integrate Techmar's Plug & Play within your existing 12v garden lights system by simply selecting a suitable connector.

Techmar's Plug & Play technology provides a good clean electrical contact and with it's sealed, water tight connection gives durability that will last.

In-lite screw connectors are designed to fit AWG 14 or 10 cables. The connectors apply a moisture resistant gel when screwed down in place to prevent any ingress of water.

Other 12v garden lighting systems, such as Luxform, electrical contacts are made by using a basic clamp style connector where the cable is spiked to create an electrical contact. These clamp connectors can becomes a point of failure due to moisture ingress and as a result the system may not work in the long term.

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SPT Cable

Transformer failed or thinking of upgrading?

If your old garden lights transformer has failed then you may be looking for a high quality replacement that will last. The clamp style connector illustrated will provide a secure electrical connection to your existing cabling system.

If you're looking to upgrade your garden lights or extend your lighting system then choose to incorporate one of the connectors illustrated.

These connectors enable Techmar's award winning range of garden lights to be combined with other 12v lighting systems that use SPT-1 or SPT-3 cables. Note that Techmar garden lights require 12v AC electricity to operate.

Simply integrate the chosen connector to your 12v garden lights system and you're ready to plug & play!

You can vastly increase your design opportunities with your 12v garden lights by combining Techmar's three way cable divider. These cable dividers are perfect for where you need to create cable runs in multiple directions or want to power several light fittings in a close proximity.

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Screw Connector for Low Voltage Cables
Clamp Connector for Low Voltage Cables - SPT1 to SPT3
Techmar Cable Divider

For information, there are three main types of SPT cable:

  • SPT-1 (max 120w)
  • SPT-2 (max 150w)
  • SPT-3 (max 150w)

See the table below for detailed information:

Type Description AWG Size Range Number of Conductors Insulation Material Voltage Max Applications
SPT-1 Service Parallel Thermoplastic - 1/64" Insulation 18 2 or 3 PVC 300 Cables for lamps small fans, radios, televisions, etc.
SPT-2 Service Parallel Thermoplastic - 2/64" Insulation 18-16 2 or 3 PVC 300 Cables for lamps small fans, radios, televisions, etc.
SPT-3 Service Parallel Thermoplastic - 3/64" Insulation 18-10 2 or 3 PVC 300 Cables for lamps small fans, radios, televisions, etc.