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In-lite 12v TRANSFORMER HUB 50 - 50w Max Low Voltage Outdoor Transformers

In-lite 12v TRANSFORMER HUB 50 Low Voltage Outdoor Transformers

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HUB 50 - 12v Transformer (transforms mains 230v to safe 12v) - 50w maximum power output.

This high quality transformer comes pre-fitted with a UK 3-pin plug and has it's own manual on/off switch, motion detector and timer function. (motion detector available separately)

Features a touch screen operation with two jointly controlled cable entries.

When the transformer cannot be installed in a covered place the HUB PROTECTOR here must be used in accordance with in-lite installation instructions.

Colour: Black
Dimension: 225 x 125 x 67 mm (LxWxH)

Just plug it in, switch on and the UK mains and 230v AC power is reduced to safe 12v AC power.

If the total power consumption of your garden lights is very near to, or exceeds, the power output rating then you should either upgrade to a more powerful transformer or split your cabling runs and use more than one transformer.

The transformer can be fitted safely outdoors but if the 3-pin plug is to be sited outdoors then it should be fitted in a waterproof electrical socket housing similar to the one shown below:

230V 2 Gang RCD Switched Socket Housing

The image shown above is from the Screwfix catalogue (BG Nexus 13A 2G RCD Switched Socket but equivalents are readily available from good electrical wholesalers.

An RCD is a residual-current device, or residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB), is a device to quickly disconnect current to prevent serious harm from an ongoing 230V electric shock.

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