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Low Voltage Garden Lighting - The Features

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We know that well placed outdoor lighting adds another dimension, mood or atmosphere as well as providing that extra element of security.

That's why professional designers have used lighting for years to create an exciting and vibrant additional 'living space'.

We spend close to half our lives surrounded by darkness. Now imagine the difference outdoor lighting would make to your garden! With the latest safe low voltage garden lighting complete with 12v cabling and LED low-energy technology the options are now open to everyone.

You'll find that garden lighting enhances the natural beauty of any garden. More importantly, gardens have changed from the 'plant and watch' to becoming far more an extension of the home. If you light them properly it just adds to that feeling of 'another room'.

Installing lighting will bring you into your garden and your garden into you home! Try it.

The options are endless with our 12v garden lights and we encourage you to try them. You'll open up another room in the evening and we know you'll be pleased!

(There's an enormous list of benefits for low voltage garden lights when compared to mains voltage lighting.You can see that list here.)

12v low voltage outdoor lighting garden elements at night
Your lovely garden, building, feature piece, gates or beautiful architecture looks great in the daylight.
So make sure as dusk and darkness falls you highlight the best parts and show off their beauty.
Adding some patio lights, decking lights, post lights or spotlights will make a real difference.
Our products are not low-cost options that are typically found elsewhere in High Street and DIY stores or on internet auction sites. All the lights are high quality, low voltage and fitted with LED bulbs to help save energy. They have been designed by professionals and fully tested.
They are not mass market imports. They are designed to last many years and are backed with great product guarantees! If you decide to invest in outdoor lighting then invest wisely! Adding a gentle, warming atmosphere to your garden or bringing a new dimension to your features, trees, shrubs or summer house can easily be achieved. Highlight architectural features with well positioned spotlights.
Adding post lights alongside your drive not only guides visitors but adds style as well as providing an element of security. Place your lights near to steps add a degree of safety from stumbling and tripping.
As darkness starts to fall then don't close off the views. Use lighting to open up the garden into those twilight and dark hours!
Using the smart controls and movement sensors the garden lights can be automated and switching them on and off can be made very simple and add extra security as well.

If you need assistance then see 'Choose Your Products', our 'Example Plan for Garden Lighting Design' or feel free to 'Contact Us' . We'll be delighted to help.


Our Help

12v Garden Lights - Post Light In Border
With a well established landscaping business, we are finding that outdoor lighting with low energy LED bulbs is requested more-and-more as part of good landscaping requirements and designs.
Consequently the landscaping team skilled-up to provide lighting services to their clients. They wanted to offer high quality products that were low-energy consuming and simple and safe to install.
So our webshop was created to sell quality products. In addition we can give advice and offer design, planning, installation and maintenance services.
The team has many years of practical hard and soft landscaping experience and has within it Architectural Design skills (ex Westminster University Bsc Hons).
It's that collective experience and skill that differentiates us from others.
We hope you like our webshop, our products and services and genuinely welcome Feedback (see the side bar) if you have the time.

We have provided all the information our clients typically ask in the 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)' section. If you have any questions don't hesitate to 'Contact Us' and we'll do our best to answer them for you.