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Low Voltage Garden Lights - Landscaping Questions!

We get a number of enquiries from landscapers regarding the installation of 12v low voltage garden lighting.

Typical questions include

Question: 'Do I need to have an electrical certificate to install these lights for my client?'

Answer: 'No, as long as you can plug the transformer into a normal 230v socket then you can install them yourself!'

Question: 'Are the products good quality and waterproof?'

Answer: 'Most products are at least IP44 rated, a lot are IP68 rated and are also made out of heavy duty aluminium or high grade stainless steel.  So you can be confident in telling your client that they will last!'

We always recommend they ask their customer what they want in terms of lighting impact and we help with design tips.

However, declaring the benefits of low voltage garden lighting to the client is important and we have compiled a pretty long list that can be used as a reference.(see

There are many garden light fittings to choose from and the image below gives some examples and where to fit them.  


Low Voltage Garden Lights - Example Uses

If you are a landscaper, garden designer, fully qualified electrician or other tradesperson who would like to know more, then visit our website and have a look at our FAQ's for further information. 

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