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Outdoor Garden Lighting Design Tips from

Outdoor Garden Lighting Design Tips from

We understand getting the right outdoor garden lighting design, choosing the best products and imagining the overall result can be daunting!

We start by asking ourselves all the obvious questions such as...

'What will I need?', 'How will it connect together?', 'What will it look like?',  'How will it work?' and most importantly...'How much will it cost to buy and run?'

All the typical questions people ask and all very serious ones as well!

It's not as hard as you may think to create your ideal garden lights solution with Techmar's Plug & Play range at

The cost of running can be answered straight away!  We only promote LED energy saving technology! So compared to most normal lighting the costs are about ten times less!

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A good starting point for your garden lighting design is to look to identify the primary features and outdoor areas that are going to be illuminated. Trees, patios, pathways, driveways, gate entrances or dark and vulnerable areas where lighting for safety or security is needed.

Take time to consider the mood and atmosphere you want to create and how much light will be required to give that wonderful result you wanted. Decide what type of light fitting you would like and try to imagine the effects you can get with them.

Remember, a little light goes a long way at night.

Do you want to create a calm relaxing space where you can sit, relax read and unwind with a vino while you enjoy your colourful springtime garden at night? If so, go for some low level spotlights to softly illuminate your garden haven in a soft warm white.

Rumex post lights illuminating gardenPost lights are ideal for setting out borders or adding perspective and depth to your garden. Consider using post lights around social areas such as patio's, decking and the functional spaces you enjoy that quickly disappear at night.

To produce more dramatic and creative results try using different types of light fittings in your design to add variety and transform your garden into a theatrical stage at night.

We have many matching design styles in our Garden Lights Range.

Rubum 5w Ground LightUp-lighting is a great way to easily add some 'wow factor' to your garden. The Rubum, 5w ground light features a rotatable light source that can be angled to 45deg so these lights are sure to give fantastic results up-lighting small trees or as an alternative to flood lights  when illuminating feature walls

The ideal light fitting will depend on what you like as a preference, the subject to be lit and the strength of light needed.  We are sure you'll find a product fitting  for each application from the award winning 12v Garden Lights range.

For more demanding solutions we recommend to sketch a plan of your garden where you want the lights to go.  Keep it simple at this stage as you are simply looking to create some initial thoughts and ideas.

Don't worry if you can't draw. Google maps have enabled easy access to satellite images of your property and garden.  Maybe print it off and you can just ink in what you think you want and where it should go.  Or send us your general ideas and problems and we'll help.

It isn't easy trying to imagine what the overall outcome will be but you won't be far off the mark if you keep to the basics. Images and descriptions can only help so much so let your imagination pick up on the ideas.

In larger gardens consider breaking down the lighting installation into phases. We can help with overlay designs if you want.  Just contact us.

For example, from a functional perspective it'd be easy to choose a few floodlights over a patio and 'job done!'.  We'd say 'Job nowhere near done!'

You can create so much more with atmosphere and vibrancy than a  'floodlight' just washing the area with stark light.  Where's the beauty, emotion or delight in that?

Sure, LED floodlights are ideal for security lighting or patio areas with a strong light source and low energy consumption. However they are good for a whole lot more such as uplighting trees, feature walls or great architecture.

Most importantly, have fun designing your garden lighting plan!

With so many products available in the Techmar garden lights range you'll find many ways to enjoy your garden.

Techmar Garden Lights Range

Do drop us a note if you feel we can help in way!
Thank you for reading our blog....from the team at

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