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'Watt the Lumens?' LED vs Halogen bulbs

You are probably wondering 'watt on earth' a watt of light looks like or how much do you need to light up your garden. This article will hopefully provide some insight into what to look for.

Technological developments have enabled LEDs to lead the way in low energy lighting. They are being used more and more in day to day living as they generate an increased amount of light per watt used.    Mixed statistics are provided when it comes to the amount of light emitted from LED bulbs compared with halogen.  As a general guide a 3w LED bulb will produce a similar output as a 25w halogen bulb.

So what does a watt of light look like?.....It's all in the lumens!

Light, of which the eye can see, is measured in lumens (Lm). As a rule the greater the wattage the greater the lumens produced. The same is true for LED but you would achieve a significantly higher amount of lumens watt-for-watt. Typically a 1w LED would produce around 100 lumens.

Why choose LEDs? They're expensive!

LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and therefore contribute to reduced running costs. This becomes a desirable factor when selecting flood lights for security as they are on for longer periods of time.

LED bulbs may be more expensive to purchase in the short term but being more reliable and having a longer life span (typically 25,000 hours) they will not need to be replaced as often making easy savings in the longer term. Now you can enjoy your beautiful garden whilst knowing you're doing your bit for the environment.

Do I have a choice?

When choosing LED's the choices are huge. Not only are they available in the common standard fittings, GU and MR, but also come in a wonder of colours, styles and effects.

So, why not have some fun with your garden this Christmas and experiment with colour changing LEDs with your outdoor lights?

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