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Some Recent Feedback On Low Voltage Garden Light Installation


''Having decided to replace some ageing and impracticable uplights behind 6 planters along a garden wall I chose the Deimos model from With all existing 12v cabling already installed under block paving and transformer in place in my garden it was important the Deimos was compatible so I could just replace the lighting unit and not any cabling.After some reassurance from James at 12v Garden Lights I purchased 6 Deimos lights''.

.....''simple case of connecting the cable from the back of the Deimos to my existing wiring, taking less than 10 mins to install each light (including fixing them to the wall). 

Very pleased with the results, providing a simple yet dramatic lighting solution to a problem area in my garden."S.L. 18/9/15

Ed:  Thanks very much for this write up. Great job, added some drama to your garden using as up-lights. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you found it so easy and are pleased with the result. (and thanks for the photos!)


"Our landscape designer successfully laid out the entire wiring (12v cable) on the day of installation (20-08-15)" A.M. 31/8/15 

"Thank you both again for your positive assistance and excellent products." A.M. 24/8/15 


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