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Burglaries Rise In October and Peak in November - Low Voltage Lighting Can Help

Burglaries Rise In October and Peak in November - Low Voltage Lighting Can Help

As darkness starts to fall it's a fact burglaries start to rise.

Research performed on 10 years of claims data, by insurance group Aviva, suggests that November is the worst period for burglaries.

In the week of October, when the clocks go back, you can expect household thefts to rise by five percent.

Interior lighting can be a good deterrent for burglaries as it raises doubt as to whether anyone is home.  Safe low voltage outdoor lighting can be an even better deterrent!  

You can very quickly install the 12v system and hook up wall lights, spotlights, floodlights and post lights.

It's better from an aesthetic perspective and far more cost effective than 500 watt halogen security lights!  Massive savings can be made with the simple and safe installation of 12v outdoor lighting.

The use of outdoor lighting has always been a popular choice for security as it becomes very difficult for burglars and opportunistic individuals to go unnoticed when attempting to gain access.

The Metropolitan Police advise that "Most of the time security lighting will be all that is necessary to scare off a potential intruder."

Lights activated by motion detectors or dusk to dawn sensors are a popular choice but the options to create an attractive living space whilst adding outdoor lighting for security often goes overlooked. 

Here Are Our Top Tips When Creating Your Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Plan.


Outdoor Flood Lights Up-Lighting House

Use floodlights as uplights on the front of your property.

Whilst exposing any predators lurking near your windows, it will also present your house beautifully at night.

Be careful not to position lights under window sills to avoid unwanted shadowing. Go for an even wash of light on the face of the house to avoid shadowing the edges.


Motion Detectors

Low Voltage Motion Sensor - Techmar Garden Lights

Used in conjunction with our extensive range of 12v light fittings (low voltage floodlights, spotlights, wall lights etc) the sensors can add that element of surprise to help deter burglars from your home.

Motion detectors function best when placed perpendicular to a path or entrance to your home as the detectors work best when the detection beams are crossed (as opposed to when people walk towards the detection area).

The sensors can be wall mounted or ground mounted; and either discreetly placed or in full view of the typical access routes.

They can also be placed in areas that burglars wouldn't normally expect to be detected and hooked up to the main lighting circuit. 

Spot Lights

Low Voltage Garden Lights - Corvus Garden Spotlight

Well placed spotlights will add a level of light around your garden that enhances the area in general and makes it a delight to see at night.  

When carefully positioned they will remove dark and shadowy areas that are ideal lurking areas for the opportunist or 'professional' thief sneaking around your property.

Lighting an object from a greater distance will give a wider but softer throw of light.


Please do feel free to give us a call and discuss anything.  

We can provide a lighting plan to help with your security needs but at the same making sure your property doesn't look like a car park in a retail shopping site!

Thank you for reading our blog....from the team at

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